Sit Up Resistance Rower Kit

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The Sit Up Resistance Rower Kit is the perfect workout solution for your home gym, giving you an on-the-go solution for getting in some killer cardio while toning muscle at the same time. It's also great if you have a limited space! The stretchable body band gives more flexibility so you can slide it underneath your bed or toss this small package of goodies into any cupboard. This sturdy product features soft foam handles that won't hurt your hands when doing intervals on the rower, and non-slip pedals to help with safety. It also comes with an attractive vivid colors for you to choose from.

Clear your mind and stretch out with the Sit Up Resistance Rower Kit.
Loose fat, increase endurance—it’s time for a change of pace. The Sit Up Resistance Rower Kit can be a great addition to an active lifestyle or fitness routine for home gym equipment that targets all major muscle groups. Whether you want to row easy for experienced athletes or sprint it hard for beginners, this lightweight resistance workout equipment is perfect for any skill level from beginner workouts at the gym to professional training in the office. If you’re serious about flexibility and stability-boosting exercises, there's no easier way than with the Sit Up Resistance Rower Kit! With its wide array of target muscles, these adjustable-resistance boards help tone core strength and your thighs, hip and lower back muscles.

Product Specification:

Product material: TPE,  environmental friendly foam
Product color: Four colors optional
Product size: 40cm*26cm or 16*10 inch
Stretching length: up to about 120cm or 47 inch
Scope of application: fitness-assisted exercise
Product features: light and easy to carry, durable, Non-slip rubber pedals, safe and secure to use.

Package Includes:

1x Sit Up Resistance Rower Kit

How Does It Work?

Sit on a yoga or workout mat as if you doing a sit up position, Put your feet firmly into the pedals and position your legs and arms in a comfortable angles then pull the Sit Up Resistance Rower Kit towards your chest.  Repeatedly doing this action to workout and tone your thighs, legs, arms and abdomen muscles.  When you get familiar with the movements, you can increase the intensity of the speed and movement according to your ability.  Spend 30minutes a day you will see a noticeable result. 

On a Stand Up Position, you can workout and tone your arms to relief the tension of your shoulder and back muscles.  It is great if you are sitting down working from home not moving around all day long. This home exercise equipment Kit will definitely encourage you to do the move more often! 

Laying on your back position, this helps to stretch, work and tone your thigh and leg muscles.  It also helps to strengthen your lower back and your arm muscles. It is a very versatile home gym equipment if running is not your thing or poor weather deterring you from doing outdoor exercise. Now you have no excuse not to get your fitness regime into a regular routine!

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