Freshlookpros Foundation Brush

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Create Flawless Makeup Doesn't Need to be a Pro or purchase Multiple Expensive Brushes!

The never-ending search for the perfect foundation brush is over!

Your Perfect Companion – Freshlookpros Flawless Foundation Brush that makes you look Exquisite and always at your Absolute Best!

The only brush you will ever need to apply your foundation, no streak and no mess. This ergonomic brush is really designed to cover all your foundation needs. An innovative brush - ONE BRUSH FOR ALL. It takes care ALL aspects of your makeup routine.


  • Innovative, Ergonomic Designed
  • Hexagon-shaped, Large Surface Area with Precision Tip
  • Precision Tip and Ultra-Dense Bristles for Seamless Perfect Blends
  • Versatile and effective, create Streak-Free, Airbrush finish
  • Anti-absorbent Fibre, uses less foundation, gives you residue-free experience
  • Achieve smooth, even and Precise application in seconds
  • Perfectly Conforms to your Facial Curves, gives you a Natural Looking Result
  • Durable and Long Service Life
  • Save Time and Money
  • Portable and Lightweight to be carried around
  • Whenever you need to fresh up your appearance, it will give you On-The-Go Touch Ups convenience
  • Perfect Companion to make you look Exquisite and always at your Absolute Best!

Foundation is every beauty lover's treasure. Usually, sponges are  used by the majority of people but it soaks up quite an excessive of product. Not anymore!, introducing the Freshlookpros Flawless Foundation Brush. It has anti-absorbent synthetic fibres which help to reduce the absorption of foundation and coat evenly.

Powders are used by beauty lovers everyday. The design of most brushes distribute an uneven layer causing a 'cakey' look. The Freshlookpros Flawless Foundation Brush has a large surface area with premium Synthetic bristles at the ultimate density, making it perfect for blending all formulas which creates a flawless finish that looks like airbrushed effect.

Shadows are fun to incorporate but typical brushes leave visible lines between shadow and other layers. The Revolutionary Flawless Foundation Brush has precision tips for natural fades between layers. Perfect for blending and shading.


  • Material: Approx. 200,00 Premium Soft Synthetic Fibres
  • Handle: Plastic
  • Brush Colour: Black, Pink and White
  • Function: Multi-application. Blush, Loose Powder, Liquid Foundation, Primer, Contour, Concealer


  • 1x Freshlookpros Foundation Brush
  • 1x Free gift - storage case
  • Free Worldwide Shipping
  • 30-day money back guaranteed


Q: What is the Brush made of?
A: It is made of premium synthetic fibres. Approx. 20k bristles. It is soft to touch and skin friendly

Q: How to clean the Brush?
A: Clean your Brush with mild liquid soap and water. Swirl it on to a towel or a brush cleaning pad and repeat the process until clean. Dry your foundation brush properly before placing it back into the case

Q: Do I use warm or cold water to clean my brush?
A: It is more effective to use warm water to clean it

Q: How often should I clean my brush?
A: Clean the brush as regularly as required. You can clean the brush as frequent as daily

Q: Do I need to wet the brush prior to applying foundation?
A: No, you don't need to wet the brush first. You can use a dab of foundation straight onto the brush or on your face and then smooth it out all over your face evenly and nicely

Q: What are the advantages of using the flawless foundation brush vs normal Makeup Sponge?
A: The brush has anti-absorbent which helps to reduce the absorption of product. So that your foundation/product can go a long way. Saving you money. The large surface area which means you can do your makeup faster and saving you time. The distribution of foundation is better than a makeup sponge. It covers pores and small imperfections. It blends all the formulas evenly like airbrushed finish.

Q: Can the Revolutionary Flawless Foundation Brush use around the eyes and nose?
A: Yes, you can. The tapered edges of the brush is perfect to get around the eyes and nose which creates a natural looking finish

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