Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercise Training Kit

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After giving birth suffering from weak Pelvic Floor Muscle. Every time when coughing or laughing, feel the leakage.  Does it sound familiar?

Introducing the Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercises Training Kit!

Our Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercises Training Kit is an innovative invention that can help to improve a weak pelvic floor muscle. If you’ve recently given birth and have a weak pelvic floor muscle, this kit could be the answer to help you to improve and achieve a much stronger pelvic floor muscles.

It is perfect for firming pelvic floor muscle issues such as urinary incontinence, issues with sexual life and much more. It is a great product for improving the situations above.


  • Weak Pelvic Floor Muscles can be quickly Strengthened with Ease of Incontinence & Intimacy Enhancement.
  • Power Activation on your Thigh Adductor & larger Gluteus Muscles will improve the Blood Circulation while exercising your Lower Limbs Muscles & Buttocks.
  • More Flexible Training on Postpartum Rehabilitation benefits Slim & Tightens Thighs, Buttocks & Lower Abdominal Muscles.
  • Enhance the Hip Curve’s Shape to have a fascinating Slimmer Body by the Gear Controller that will adjust the Elastic Force on the Wings to fit different people’s work-out.


1x Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercise Training Kit

Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercise Training Kit

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