Upper Body Workout Training Kit

Stretch away tension and relieve discomfort with the Upper Body Workout Training Kit! It can help build flexibility, maintain range of motion, relieve back tension. We know you want to be your best self; this elastic will make it happen.

The Upper Body Workout Training Kit is designed to provide upper-body strength training, it is perfect for any fitness level or type! This elastic rope allows progressive stretching workout that relaxes the body and helps relieve tension of your upper body. Enjoy an upper body yoga practice post-run or during an evening wind down. Makes a great gift!


Super elastic
Environmentally friendly PTE material, no deformation when stretched
Soft foam, good sweat absorption
The interface is firm, not easy to break

Product material: TPE NBR
Product size: 35"/14cm  * 40"/15cm
Suitable for Yoga lovers, fitness enthusiasts
Suitable for working on legs, waist, back, arms

Package include:

1 x Upper Body Workout Elastic Rope

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