Welcome to My Store!

I'm Celin, the founder of Freshloopros. We are an online Beauty and Fashion Boutique selling fashion and lifestyle products.  With a deep passion for women and equality, Freshlookpros is formed.  We seek to source clothing for multi-dimensional women who embrace their feminity in all it’s various forms. Our clothing is to make women feel like their most confident selves. Through clothing, we communicate with our community and remind them never to accept any limitations that might be placed on them.

Dressing is a form of self-expression and I want to make dressing for women of all sizes, shapes, heights, personality and lifestyles easy.  My goal is to help you girls feel confident about your body and appearance by giving you plentiful of choices regardless of your background. Because you deserve to feel great and look beautiful from the inside out!

If you are interested to become a trendsetter, please join our Trendsetters Club to earn points and rewards towards your free shipping, products and gifts.  Sign up today and you will be rewarded 200 points. If you have any question and suggestion about my store,  please feel free to get in touch via live chat or email!

Let's start a fresh look with Freshlookpros today!